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About us

We are small group of dedicated individuals involved in maintaining and documenting through pictures the remaining Jewish cemeteries in Lithuania.

Our volunteers have spent a lot of their personal time and resources on this effort, sometimes even taking their small children along while working on a cemetery, or using part of their vacation. What you see on this website is the collective effort of these dedicated individuals. Despite this tremendous effort and dedication, we realized that if we want to achieve more and move ahead, enthusiasm alone is not enough.

In August, 2011 we registered ‘MACEVA’ (Viešoji įstaiga) as a non-governmental, non-profit organization in Lithuania.

We believe that all descendants of Lithuanian Jews throughout the world will find valuable information on the resting places of their loved ones. It is this memory that we seek to perpetuate for generations to come. We believe that Jewish cemeteries in Lithuania should be preserved, because they are among the physical traces of a rich history of Lithuanian Jews, and an integral part of Lithuanian history and culture. Memory does not have to be anonymous. It depends on you.

Aleksandr Avramenko and Sergey Kanovich, founders of 'MACEVA'


Aleksandr Avramenko – Lithuania/Estonia

Initiator of Lithuania Jewish Cemetery Project, co-founder of LJCP's successor – "Maceva". His academic background is in clinical psychology and public health, and currently he works in the field of developmental aid in an international non-governmental organization. Aleksandr left Lithuania in 2006 and now lives in Tallinn, Estonia.

Sergey Kanovich – Belgium

Sergey Kanovich is a Vilnius born poet and essayist who moved to Israel in early 90-ies. Sergey holds a BA from Vilnius University. Having served to a number of Israeli hi-tech companies, Sergey took an assignment to work for one of them in Brussels Belgium, where he is currently residing.

  Rūta Anulytė – Lithuania

Ms. Rūta Anulytė is a MA student in Cultural Heritage Preservation at Vilnius University. She graduated from the Cultural History and Anthropology bachelor degree program. Her interest in Lithuanian Jewish culture has become a subject of intense study. Rūta works as a project coordinator in "Maceva".

 Dr. Lara Lempertienė – Lithuania   

Dr. Lara Lempertienė is a  researcher and a teacher at Vilnius University of Lithuania and the senior bibliographer for Jewish books at the National Library of Lithuania.  Her main field is the cultural history of European Jewry, and the specific points of scholarly interests are Jewish classical texts and their integration in Jewish education in various settings; Jewish book and press; and aspects of day-to-day life of Lithuanian Jewry. Lara is also a scientific consultant for "Maceva" and the main volunteer translator of Jewish tombstone records.


Members of Advisory Board

   Dr. Eglė Bendikaitė - Lithuania

 Research Fellow at the Lithuanian Institute of History. Professor of Yiddish at the Vilnius Yiddish            Institute. Professor of Lithuanian Jewish History at Vilnius University.


Prof. dr. Leonidas Donskis – Lithuania    

Dr. Leonidas Donskis, Member of the European Parliament, philosopher, political theorist, historian of ideas, social analyst, and political commentator.


   Grant Gochin – USA

  Grant Gochin is an engaged Litvak. He has been involved in much philanthropy and
  cemetery work in the Baltics. Grant is Honorary Consul of the Republic of Togo in California,
  and he is the Secretary of the Los Angeles Consular Corps.
  He is President of

Grigory Kanovich – Lithuania & Israel   

The first post-Communist Chairman of the Lithuanian Jewish Community. The World-renowned author, writer and academic.


  Mrs. Faina Kukliansky – Lithuania

 Chairwoman of Jewish Community of Lithuania and Vilnius Jewish Community and a lawyer to serve on    our Advisory Board.


   Howard Margol – USA  

Howard Margol is a Past President of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS), and LitvakSIG (Lithuania Special Interest Group). In 2008, Howard was awarded the IAJGS Lifetime Achievement Award - the most prestigious award given in Jewish genealogy.

Howard is the Co-Founder and Secretary/Treasurer of the American Fund for Lithuanian-Latvian Jews.
He travels regularly to Lithuania for research and humanitarian purposes and has organized and led 18 group trips to Lithuania.

  Dr. Andrius Navickas – Lithuania   

  Author, journalist editor in chief of Lithuanian based   
  He was named person of Tolerance in 2010 by the Sugihara Foundation.   


Ralph Salinger – Israel  

Ralph Salinger is involved in Cemetery Restoration in Lithuania. To date, he has documented the Jewish Cemeteries of Vilkaviškis and Kalvarija and was the project manager for the Kapčiamiestis Jewish Cemetery Fence Project.

  Odile Suganas - France

 Author and poet born in Rouen. Her works including books, collections of poems, and magazine      articles, have been translated from French to Lithuanian and English. Niece of David Umru, writer and  director of the Vilna Jewish Theater. Travelled to Lithuania many times since 1992. Has a strong and  affective feeling for the country where her parents were born.

Vytautas Toleikis – Lithuania    

Lithuanian educator, teacher, author and journalist.   


   Dr. Darius Udrys – USA & Lithuania

  Vice-Rector for Development and Communications at European Humanities University in Vilnius.
  Past Chair of the Lithuanian Community in Los Angeles.


Olga Zabludoff - USA   

Editor-writer with strong interest in Lithuanian-Jewish relations. Restored the Jewish cemetery and two mass graves in Butrimonys in 2003 with the cooperation of the mayor and local residents.